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Customer Comments

Freckles customer comments

Below are some of the comments we have
received from Freckles readers. If you
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Freckles, please click here.

The Reading Tub, Book Review (

Type of Reading: bedtime story, family reading, anytime reading, read aloud book, learning to read.
Age of Child: Started reading with 5-year-old child.
Little Kid Reaction: Our child showed immediate empathy for Pinch and wanted to help Freckles befriend the sand crab. S/He thumbed through the pages several times, just to explore.
Big Kid Reaction: This was a fun story to read. The illustrations are great, and the animals' expressions (sans the birds) are terrific!
Pros: This is a picture book with lots of layers. It can be JUST a fun story, or it can offer lessons in friendship, acceptance, admitting poor judgement, overcoming fear ... and others.
Cons: None!
This could be a fun pre-beach read, not only to introduce the things you see at the beach, but to get kids' keen observation looking for new things in new ways when they get there (how do sand crabs and sandpipers get along?).
Educational Themes: The book offers the opportunity for kids to practice vobabulary (lots of repetition), as well as draw meaningful lessons from the story. It's easy to stop and ask "how would you feel" or "what would you do" while reading.
Book Review by The Reading Tub  Comment ID=10

My two children, ages 3 and 7, love both of the FRECKLES books. They each have a set of the two books, so we take turns reading the Great Beach Rescue, then we switch to FRECKLES. I also bought matching t-shirts, and purchased two of the the GUND plush. My daughter is an avid animal-lover, so she carries her Freckles wherever she goes. He is SO soft and cuddly, and he quickly made the 'blankie' lose all of its appeal. We cannot wait for Ms. Lloyd's next book!!
Kristi Whittington, Kernersville, NC  Comment ID=7

My kids love Freckles! We bought the first FRECKLES book and found it was perfect bedtime reading. Then we found out about Freckles and The Great Beach Rescue. My children pretend to play the sand games that Freckles and Pinch play in the story, and they really like the turtles too. Both FRECKLES books, along with the plush toy are so adorable. Can't wait for the next adventure!!
Rene, Jenna and Austin, Climax, NC  Comment ID=9

Freckles is a very kind and loving dog. Whenever I read the story, I always get the chills. Freckles always lends a hand and is always the nice one. He is always on the "good side," like in the story "Freckles and the Great Beach Rescue." In this story, Freckles is encouraging Pinch to come along with him on the good side instead of sitting alone upset because of the sandpipers. I think Freckles is a great book to read and will always be!
Madison and Alec, Greensboro, NC  Comment ID=8

What a great book. The message is very good for kids and adults- to be principle-centered! I enjoy reading this book to my two-year-old daughter but find myself lost in staring at each page far too long to keep her attention.
A reader from Rome, Georgia  Comment ID=1

My son and I both have fun reading Freckles. Although at 14 months he doesn't understand the lessons (and there are numerous lessons to be learned), he really enjoys the illustrations and trying to pick out the different Wild Dog characters. We both enjoy trying to make the sounds associated with all the different characters. The author hints at subsequent stories, and we are anxiously awaiting Freckles' future adventures.
A reader from Chicago, Illinois  Comment ID=2

My two-year-old son LOVES Freckles. The illustrations are truly awesome from front to back (especially the picture of Freckles being startled by the howling dogs), and the message is wonderful without being preachy. We have great fun doing all the voices of the Big Wild Dogs and the Owl. It's quite an achievement to create a children's book that is as enjoyable for me as it is for my child! We highly recommend Freckles.
A reader from North Carolina  Comment ID=3